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Kyrnan Harvey's approach as a garden maker is not that of the dime-a-dozen landscape contractor.  Time and resources are not expended on lawn maintenance (although Bosky is quite competent at establishing a lawn).  Bosky Garden Design endeavors to work within clients' tastes and budgets, and we collaborate with mow-and-blowers, arborists, masons, etc so that their estates, properties, gardens, yards are coherently and cost-effectively maintained. 

Apart and aside from the lawn-maintenance guys (who will, of course, if asked, plant their "Skip" laurels and hemlocks, 'Goldsturm and 'Stella D'oro", mums and cabbages) there are the industry's high-end design/build companies.  These will arrive on your property with a foreman, a Bobcat, and half a dozen workers.  They are highly professional and competent  --  but more often than not the results are predictable and thus not a little boring.  And even in the cases of the best results  --  decent design; neat hardscaping; the same old pallette of a dozen plants (Skip laurel, kousa dogwood, pachysandra,yew, Japanese holly, rhododendron, evergreen azalea) three times too many and planted too closely; and beautiful sod  --  which elicit gratification and payment-in-full, there almost always remains the question of intelligent maintenance through the seasons, through the years.  For most of these outfits adhere to the strategy of getting in and getting out, do-a-nice-job-make-a-good-profit, and nevermind what the client's place might look like in three years.

Bosky, on the other hand, cares deeply about the consequences of its installations, and is around two, three, five, and even ten years along.  We try harder, because we love the effects created by plants well-chosen and well-grown. 


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