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By bosky June I swear, and by the bee, her minister 

from Hugh Johnson's The Principles of Gardening
Bosco (Italian) or Bosquet (French).  A grove of trees, particularly a thickly planted block forming part of the "architecture" of the garden.  French bosquets, as used, for example, by Le Notre, were dense and regular and had their sides clipped with military precision.  The English "boskage" is something altogether more relaxed and romantic."

                                                                              As too are the boskages of Bosky Garden Design

from Phillip Miller (of Chelsea Physick, London's oldest botanical garden), Gardeners Dictionary (1737), "Bosquets...are small Compartments of Gardens...form'd of Trees, Shrubs, or tall large growing plants"

"A shadowy secluded grove, with winding paths among its boskiness" 

"His garden was exquisite, being most boscaresque"         NORTH, Plutarch's Lives

"My boskie acres, and my vnshrubd downe"         

and figuratively:  "A brown and brawny company with bosky beards"           MELVILLE

more poetically, from the OED,  "bosky
, Somewhat the worse for drink"

"Blowing bosks of wilderness"          TENNYSON

"Meantime, through well-known bosk and dell, I'll lead where we may shelter well"        SCOTT

"In a flowery bosque there flies a bird"

As it happens, Kyrnan lives in a loft condo with his wife and cat in a neighborhood in Brooklyn called Bushwick.  This was named by Peter Stuyvesant, originally Boswyck, and means a refuge  --  or town  --  in the woods
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