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     High Maintenance, possiblities                                 

  • wide assortment of choice perennials
  • roses galore
  • hedges needing clipping
  • allowance of self-seeding annuals, biennials, perennials even:  these make for a natural, casual, informal style of garden -- the cottage garden style
  • extensive use of annuals
  • espaliered fruit trees
  • paths of Long Island pea gravel
upside  --  nature's bounty in a pageant of flowers from January (snowdrops) to December (camellia) . . . any and every week on the calender has a character different from preceding and succeeding ones . . . there are many delightful surprises around a bend in the garden path . . . Bosky Garden Design shows uo every week from April to November                                                           
Bosky Garden Design needed at least part of one day most weeks; expensive; the garden would not likely outlive Bosky Garden Design (it could if shrubs are permitted to mature and displace perennials); greater reliance on watering


         Low Maintenancepossibilities

  • use of shrubs that require little or no pruning
  • use of weed-smothering groundcovers
  • annual mulching to suppress weeds
  • avoidance of old-fashioned roses
  • avoidance of annual displays in beds and containers 

upside  --  serene, minimalist look, not fussy; not expensive to maintain; can outlive Bosky Garden Design; easily grasped by visitors

downside  --  uniformity from season to season, from year to year; lack of effusions of color; missing out on the endless variety of flowers, colors, textures, forms

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