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Kyrnan Harvey, 47 and a graduate of Georgetown University, received his horticultural training first on the "Gold Coast" estate of the late Mrs Whitney, and then at the New York Botanical Garden's School of Horticulture.  The estate and the School were linked by the esteemed horticulturist (and author of the great NYBG Encyclopedia of Horticulture) Thomas Everett. 

Kyrnan's garden design/install/maintain business is based in Great Neck, on Long Island, where his family has lived since around 1950; in Brooklyn; and recently in Bangkok, where he gardens with tropical and sub-tropical plants in the winter months. 

Aside from plants and the creation of dynamic garden spaces, he has a few other passions.  He is an accomplished photographer and accumulates photo and art books.  He also makes sculptures/assemblages/collages after Schwitters.  He lives in Brooklyn with his wife Pook and cat Pansy.
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